Financial Assistance at Complete Family Medicine, a Service of Hannibal Regional

Complete Family Medicine strives to accommodate persons who have a financial need due to unmet healthcare expense. Financial counselors are available to assist patients by helping them work out payment plans, qualify for government programs or other financial assistance. Complete Family Medicine has several financial assistance options including, but not limited to: Sliding Fee Discount Program for qualified patients who have received or will receive healthcare services at any of our locations, Same-Day Self-Pay 50% discount program (cannot be combined with insurance), and some access to grants to help pay for patients meeting the grant qualifications. If you need or have had services and need additional financial assistance, contact one of our financial counselors at 660-665-7575 to discuss our financial assistance options and the application processes.

Our Sliding Fee Discount Program and grant applications are based on income and household size using the Federal Poverty Guidelines. These programs can be combined with insurance coverage or are available for underinsurance or uninsured patients, but they are only available for outpatient clinic visit charges (provider’s professional charge, routine in-house laboratory, and routine imaging services only), but not those services, supplies or equipment that are purchased from outside, including but not limited to, outside reference laboratory testing, drugs, and other such services.

2024 Poverty Guidelines For The 48 Contiguous States And The District of Columbia

For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,140 for each additional person.

For any questions or to discuss our financial assistance options, please call 660-665-7575 and ask for our Billing Office.